Klättermusen Case

Klättermusen is a Swedish brand that doesn´t make compromises when manufacturing sustainable and durable outdoor clothes. And that feeling of doing something you love, without compromise was something that we wanted to be reflected in the films. The focus should be more on the people and their relationship to nature. ”Underground Movement” is the first film in a series we´ve made for Klättermusen were we meet people in different projects that Klättermusen sponsor. For four days we got to follow the people of ”Expedition Bjurälven” and document their journey into the longest underground cave system in Sweden.

The Music

Klättermusen is a brand from the north of Sweden so we wanted the music to sound like it has Nordic roots, but stil sound modern. After meeting and interviewing Expedition Bjurälven we got a real insight to their love and the freedom they felt when being below the surface and that should also be reflected in the music.

So with piano as the main instrument we started improvising different themes of the movie and created more of a sound where the tunes follow the development of the story. And with this world of sound we get closer to the people in Expedition Bjurälven

How was it received?

The film reached into the diving community and was published on different sites. After being staffed picked by Vimeo it quickly reached 60k views and got mentioned in National Geographics, The Guardian and was also nominated for the Banff film festival in Canada.